How to install Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update on Galaxy Nexus

New Android 4 .0.1 has been latest release in the Android World. It is actually called as Jelly Bean and is an upgraded version of 4.0 which was called as ICS and it is much faster and smoothly working version as compare to other versions of Android. This is not the actual OTA and the final release of the Jelly Bean it’s just a beta release by the Clock Work Mod sources and in fact there is no ETA on when there will be an Official release of 4.0.1.

Let’s check out what are the pre upgrade essentials for the installation:-

  1. The very first and essential requirement for the installation is that it can only be installed on the devices which are TAKJU model of GSM galaxy. Basically installation is applied only if your device is latest IMM30D but if your device is on the IMM76I version or on IMM76D etc. then it is not applied.
  2. Before the process for the installation to be applied, the device should be backed up with all its data as if some data during the process lost can be recovered. The device should be charged at least 50% so as the device does not get switch off during installation. Now start the process by following the given path – go to “Settings” then to “Applications” then to “Development” after that to “USB debugging” there you need to enable the USB Debugging Mode.
  3. Before you start the installation process be ensure that your Galaxy Nexus should be rooted. It is very important to root the device and also the device should be installed with Clock Work recovery mod along with the unlocked boot loader. The device is rooted or not can also be checked by downloading the app from PLAY Store called as “Root Checker”.

After following all the above mentioned pre requisites, you can follow the tutorial to update Jelly Bean firmware on the Galaxy Nexus I9250. So let’s check out the procedure to update the Galaxy Nexus with JRN84D Android 4.1 Firmware:-

  • Download the Jelly Bean 4.1 JRN84D Firmware from the site to your PC and then connect your device on which you want to install the Android version with the Original USB cable and then place the downloaded zip file in your device.
  • Now disconnect your device from computer and make it to enter into the recovery mode turn Off the device. Galaxy Nexus enters into the Boot Loader mode by pressing the Volume Up + Volume Down simultaneously with the power button till the boot loader screen is seen. And if the device boots up in the normal mode then try again to make the device enter in the boot loader mode.
  • Select the “recovery mode” in the boot loader mode with the help of Volume keys and press the power button to ensure it. Now select the “install zip from SD card” and then “choose the zip from SD card” to select the “JRN84D Jelly Bean Firmware which was initially placed in the device in the recovery mode.
  • The device will again come back to recovery mode screen after the device is installed with the firmware. Now reboot the device by selecting “Go Back” then “reboot system now”. Once the device is rebooted, go to the path “Settings to About Phone” where you will be shown the current installed Jelly Bean 4.1 version.

Congratulations, after following all the above mentioned you will be able to install the Jelly Bean firmware. In case if the installation process is hindered or stopped in the middle all you need to do is just to restart the process.


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