How to install Custom Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S Advance

A good news for Samsung Galaxy S Advance users! The very first custom recovery is now available for their device. One xda-developer diego-ch (user id) has developed a kernel for Galaxy S Advance which also includes the custom recovery (TeamWin Recovery).


Before installing this custom recovery in your Galaxy S Advance, please consider to take the backup of all your important data and also make sure that the device has enough battery to survive during the updation process.


The main feature of this custom recovery is that it supports Common Internet File System. Other thing to note is that this recovery image is based on the Team Win Recovery Project version 2.2.1.


Download the custom recovery package which is “GT-I9070-GB_TWRP-KERNEL-DiegoCH.rar

Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Methods to install Custom Recovery in Samsung Galaxy S Advance

Method 1: Install Custom Recovery using Odin

Step 1: After following the prerequisites turn off your device and press Power button + Home button + Volume down button together to restart it in download mode.

Step 2: Now you will have to start Odin. Now using Odin you’ll have to flash out the kernal as PDA.

Step 3: Now just wait until the device reboots.

Step 4: After the device reboots successfully use the TWRP to flash the Chainfire’s SuperSu.

Note: Installing the Custom Recovery in Galaxy S Advance using Odin will increase the flash counter in your device. If you don’t want it to happen then you should follow the second method which is given below.

Method 2: Install Custom Recovery using DD

Note: Since this option doesn’t increase the flash counter this demans your Galaxy S Advance to be rooted. So first of all you should root your device if you haven’t done it.

Step 1: Extract the downloaded file again which you extracted only once in the last method. You will get the file named as “kernel.bin.md5“. Now copy this extracted file in /sdcard.

Step 2: Run the adb shell prompt and enter the commands given below:

$ su
# dd if=/sdcard/kernel.bin.md5 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p15
# reboot

Step 3: After the command executes completely your device will restart. Wait for some time.

You have successfully installed the custom recovery in your Samsung Galaxy S Advance. Do let me know if you face any issue. Have a good day! :)

[Source: xda-developers]

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  1. dear mr. pathak,
    I have tried to install team win recovery project in my samsung galaxy s advance through odin but my device is not booting .I have tried for many time but the problem is still the same .My device andriod version is 4.1.2.So plesae help me and waiting for your positive responce.


    ajeet singh kuntal

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