How to free up space in Nexus 7

Are you tired of deleting things forcefully in your Nexus 7 just because you have less memory storage. Here is the solution of your problem. You may think of 16GB version of Nexus 7 tablet as a solution but there are still more better and efficient solutions to the above problem. They are as follows:

Throw-away pictures:

Nexus 7 gallery

Every one of us has a collection of images that is never seen means there is mentality to preserve images as memories but all pictures are not considered memories. The pictures of all your birthdays since childhood or of all the four years of your engineering life can be deleted without any harm to any feelings or you can save them on hard disk since they are seen oftentimes. For this, Android devices or Nexus 7 supports multiple deletions of images and videos. You just have long hold on the image from where the long menu pops out and you have to select the delete option or tap the dustbin icon which does the remaining work.

Uninstall apps:

Nexus 7 uninstall app

There are many apps, games that are once downloaded by you and then are never used. This may happens since sometimes these installed apps are hidden in the folder of your standard default apps or in the app drawer. Such things can be uninstalled from your device as it unnecessarily fills the memory storage. The uninstallation process includes:

  • First go to settings and then to applications.
  • Then go to Manage applications icon and tap it.
  • Go to the files or folder where your downloaded stuff is kept. Tap on the app you want to delete.
  • Here comes the last step where you just have to click on the uninstall button to remove the useless garbage stuff.

Store music online:

Nexus 7: Store music online

You can store your music online through Google Music which is a excellent app that allows users to store their playlist of 20,000 songs that is almost 195 GB of data on net. The drawback associated with this app was that you must have internet access and that too of high data plans since you have to go through the whole playlists each time you want to listen to your favourite song. Even this problem was solved by Google by adding the feature of keeping some music files local to your device which are high in your priority list.

Clean up on downloads:

Nexus 7: Clean up download

The downloaded material is kept in a separate folder everywhere so whenever we use those files, the material takes space twice. Those stored in the downloads folder is useless and can be deleted to increase the memory space.

To delete the downloaded file, just press long on the file till a menu opens from where select the delete option or tap the garbage icon on the screen. If you are not able to apply this, you can even do so manually by connecting your device with the computer and deleting the unnecessary items from the downloads folder.

All the above four ways are efficient enough to increase the memory space of your android device or Nexus 7 but it depends on your comfortability level that for which option you opt for.


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  1. I’m soooo tired of these simplistic explanations for computer problems……If I hold my finger on the app……no menu pops up!!! and nothing shows anything about deleting the app.

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