How to find MSL Number on Sprint Galaxy S3

You own a Samsung Galaxy S3? Did you ever try to find out MSL number on Sprint Galaxy S3, but unable to get? Here is a simple manual process to get it. If you own an unrooted device then you can use an app namely “Get my MSL” on Google Play Store. And if your device is rooted then follow the simple manual procedure given below to find the MSL number.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

Procedure to find out MSL number on Sprint Galaxy S3:-

1. First of all install ClockworkMod recovery on your device.

2. Download the file with file name Sprint MSL Finder and then flash in recovery.

3. Then boot into ClockworkMod recovery after switching off your device. For that, press the keys “home”, “volume up” and “power button” simultaneously together. Your device will boot in recovery mode on an eye blink. Under recovery mode, make use of volume up and down buttons to move up and down respectively along with the power button to make a selection.

4. Then in your SD Card select an option of “install zip” and select “choose zip” and select the copied file. The installation will begin now.

5. Once your installation process is complete, follow “go back -> reboot system now” and allow it to reboot your device.

6. After your device boots up, you need to download “terminal emulator application” from Google Play Store. Then click to open it after browsing it under the list of all downloaded apps.

7. Then type “su” and press enter. Note that you have entered the same without any quotes. Then allow to root access to your device by clicking on the Terminal Emulator in the pop up menu.

8. After that, type “getprop ril.MSL” and click enter. Now your MSL number will be displayed on your screen. Save it carefully.

You will definitely get success to get your Sprint Galaxy S3 MSL number if you follow the above steps carefully.


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