How to Download Videos from Facebook to Android

As it is well known that Facebook is the widely used social networking site  and Android is a great Operating System used in phones, it won’t be surprising to see people accessing Facebook profiles on their handsets. With Android’s advanced features, it makes to use the social sites more conveniently. One of the features is the downloading of Facebook videos in the handsets, let us reveal how it works.

To download Facebook videos there can be two ways which can be followed that are mentioned below:

  1. The not very efficient way is by using Facebook applications.
  2. With Facebook on your inbuilt Android browser.

The requirements for the feature are:

Firstly download as well as install Opera Mobile on your Android handset. Now Download any Video Player such as QQ player/ MX Video Player.

Before downloading the Facebook videos go to Settings. Now select Manage Applications from Applications then choose ‘all tab above’ option and select Internet from it. Lastly select Clear Defaults.

Downloading Videos from Facebook to Android

Steps to download Facebook videos on your Android phones are:

  • Go to Facebook Application and click on any video that you or any of your friend has shared or you want to watch. Different options for playing the video will appear, select Opera Mobile from them.
  • Click on Opera Mobile and your video will start downloading straight away.
  • Select the inbuilt Android browser and open Facebook.  Click on the video you want to download. Different options would appear to open videos using installed browser like Opera Mobile. Now select Internet, it will show you two options for choosing either using Android System or Internet.
  • Again select Internet and the video will get downloaded.

So, it is very easy to download videos on Android handsets. The advantage of using an inbuilt browser is that it is capable of resuming the downloading process if due to any reason the internet  connection fails.

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  1. Not sure how old this information is, but it’s old enough that it nedds to be removed. I don’t recall ever having a phone w/”intetnet” as an option in “Mng Apps”. I’m sure, at some point in history, there was. Also, clearing defaults, on all other apps, makes no difference. FB videos open from w/in FB. It doesn’t matter whether using the app or the stock browser, vids do not give any options as to which app to use to play them. Again, this set of directions does not work. It would be best to remove the post/article so people don’t see it & waist time going to it & viewing info that is of no use anymore.

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