How to download latest Google PLAY Store 3.7.11 in Android


With new features the latest Google Play Store 3.7.11 is the finest version, we are having a list of features that are added in it that makes it fabulous, we will see them later in the article. Google PLAY Store 3.7.11 is also accorded with TV shows and Magazines with better UI. It will work fine in almost all types of tablets and smartphones.

Google PLAY Store 3.7.11 Features:

  • Better User Interface then all the previous versions.
  • Better fluidity on ICS 4.0 and Gingerbread 2.3 then previous.
  • Previous versions Force Close issue, which has been solved this time.
  • More optimization for better use.
  • Issues related to Google Mobile Ads have been solved.

Procedure for Google PLAY Store 3.7.11 update:

  1. Download Google PLAY Store 3.7.11 APK in your PC and then connect your tablet or smartphone with it and copy the APK file in the device. Now you may disconnect your device from the PC.
  2. After it you have to navigate for the files in your device and when you get them, open them.
  3. Following shots will help you to update your Android device with Google PLAY Store 3.7.11. as the installation completes you will see an “Accept” button on screen which will complete your update.