How to download Instagram photos to computer

Download Instagram Photos to Computer

Instagram is a popular sharing app; you can share photos with your friends instantly after capturing them and also can add cool effects in it. A common problem that users face is that there is no option to download Instagram photos in bulk directly to your computer. One of the solutions for this problem is to download each photo one by one but it’s a very lengthy process. Here we are providing you with the solutions of how to download photos from Instagram in bulk to your computer.

Instagram Downloader app: Free

Instagram Downloader is an app which will help you to download all the desired photos on Instagram to your computer very easily. The service is fast and free. The memory required to download the app is 3.75MB.

  • Download Instagram Downloader app.
  • Now go at top left and click to “Input User Name” or click to “+” at center.
  • A new box will come up; enter your Instagram username there so that it can list all the photos.
  • Now you will see a list of photos, you may open them also. Tick the desired photos that you want to download and then click to “Download All” at the top; it will download the checked photos to your computer.
Free Instagram Downloader App: Download Instagram Photos
Free Instagram Downloader App: Download Instagram Photos

InstaPort is another easy way to either download photos to your computer or send them to other social sites.

  • Go to
  • Enter your Instagram username and authenticate it.
  • Now you can either download all the photos to your computer system or you can select them using “Advanced Options”.
  • After selection, click to “Start Export” and the downloading begin. Download Instagram Photos Download Instagram Photos

4k Stogram

4k Stogram is another app to download photos from Instagram to your computer in bulk. It is supported by almost all types of operating systems. In this app, you have to browse the photos using URL. The app has user friendly interface, you only have to add those Instagram photos that you want to download in “Input Box” and then click to “Follow”. You can search multiple photos at a time.

4k-Stogram: Download Instagram Photos
4k-Stogram: Download Instagram Photos
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