How to develop apps for Windows 8

Developing Apps for Windows 8
Developing Apps for Windows 8

The launching date for windows 8 is coming closer day by day and its advertisement’s and campaign’s fever can already be seen in the market. Whether you like it or not but Windows as an OS is the first choice for all users.Windows as OS are always given priority in comparison to any other Operating System. Users just all the time wait to buy apps for Windows Store. So whoever is in business of app development has a high time to develop app for Windows.

Here we give some guide lines for those who are interested in app development business but yet don’t know where to start from.

Download Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8

You need to download newest Visual Studio 2012 for free to develop Metro apps for Windows 8. The free version of Visual Studio is just sufficient to start developing apps for Windows 8 among many paid flavors of Visual Studio. The download does not take long time as it is just comes under 400MB. It is available with many good options and settings which can be used smartly for the development of apps for Windows 8.

Learn a programming language

javascript code
javascript code

After downloading Visual Studio and going through all its options and settings and selecting which features are important for app development now its turn of a programming to be selected to develop app with all the important features required. Language should be selected on the basis your experience with many different languages and the language which you choose, you should be aware with all the features of the language as it will be benefit you to develop the app. For the development of Metro apps you can select any web based language. The Java Script can be selected to design the logic behind the app and the combo of HTML5 and CSS3 can be chosen to design user interface.

The conventional programming languages such as C++, VB (Visual basic) or C# can also be chosen to develop Metro apps. The syntax of C# and Java is very much similar to each other, so if you know one of them you can do programming in another language too. If you are using any conventional programming language to develop Metro apps then to design user interface you need to use XAML. If this is the first time when you are doing programming then you should definitely select C# as in near future you can do programming using other similar syntax language. Might your first program be quite scary but don’t worry there are many resources to help you in that way.


There are many priceless resources available online which will surely help you to get familiarize with the new language and its environment. So we will just help you to go through some books that are quite old-fashioned in list of available resources but are still unbeatable.  If you plan to choose web development languages such as HTML or HTML5, CSS3 then will suggest you two books published by A Book Apart.

Windows Dev Center
Windows Dev Center

The first book in the list is HTML5 for web designers which are written by Jeremy Keith and it is just of 87 pages long and it is available to you as eBook. This book will make you aware of all the important and necessary features of HTML5. The book will provide whole information with examples that show even show their implementation of semantics, media and other additions. The title of the book gives you thought that this is the book just for the web developers but actually it is given with all such information also that helps you to program the Metro apps.

The other name in the list of books is the HTML5: Up AND Running which is written by Marl Pilgrim that also gives you all the info about the browser-based language. The above mentioned books gives you detail information of HTML5 but for CSS3 we recommend you CSS3 for Web Designers by Dan Cederholm and it is mere of 120 including detailed info and implementation of each and every feature of CSS3.

And to learn detailing with live-examples about JavaScript then we will surely recommend you to go through Eloquent JavaScript, Marijin Haverbeke’s introduction to the language and the Mozilla Developer Network is another great guide for JavaScript. And those who are planning to use C# for developing apps for Windows 8 are advised to search Amazon which will suggests you lots of books names.

If you aren’t interested in reading eBooks and wanted hand-books then we will suggests you some physical books too which will give you complete about the programming language you need. A Beginner’s Guide to C# by Herbert Schildt is an excellent book for C# beginners. C# Station website is also as good as the above mentioned book for C# learners. The book and the website too make you aware of all the features and syntax of the language. And Microsoft Developer Network is also another good place for the learners of programming language that provides you with the tutorials of all programming languages and also helps you with the process for Metro design.

Hopefully we have help you to the best to make you learn the apps development business and also recommended you with the best tutorials to get friendly with the programming languages you need.

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