Galaxy Y S5360 – Install Android 4.2 Jelly Bean alike JellyNoid ROM

Now you can upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with a new custom firmware – Android JellyNoid which has been released recently. The custom ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 and possesses Android jelly bean theme and style. Samsung users can install this new custom Rom in easy steps. In order to start the process of installing the custom Rom on your mobile handset, it is advisable to take a complete back up of your handset data as the process of installing the custom ROM wipes out the memory and refreshes the same.

The user needs to install the custom Rom on his/her laptop and connect the phone with the laptop for the custom ROM to be uploaded on the Android phone as well. Certain tips on backing up your Android phone data includes:

  • Take a back up of your useful applications
  • Back your entire messages on the Android phone
  • Back up your contacts and email data
  • Back up call history
  • Back up APN settings which include GPRS, 3G, MMS settings which can be easily restored on your Android phone later on.

It is advisable to have ClockworkMod installed on your Android phone as it is a useful tool in the taking a complete back up of your Android device without much hassles.

The new custom ROM is packed with various features which includes Jb quick panel, slider brightness, separate toggles and notifications, 8lockscreen, EPM, 4 layout on setting menu , default stock and paranoid android .Moreover, the custom ROM consists of themed messaging,dialer,contacts,browser and FM Radio as well.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

In order to install the custom Rom on Android phone successfully, following instructions will be useful:

  1. Backing up your complete data on Android phone
  2. Charge your Android phone to full battery
  3. Download the JellyNoid ROM on your laptop
  4. Connect your Android phone to the laptop with a data cable
  5. Now copy and paste the custom ROM on SD card of the Android phone
  6. Turn off your Samsung mobile phone and disconnect the USB cable
  7. Turn ON the Android phone now while pressing the keys Volume Up+Home+Power button
  8. You will reach recovery mode, execute a full data wipe in ClockworkMod recovery
  9. Now open the zip folder in the SD card
  10. Select zip from SD card option and scroll to select JellyNoid ROM zip file. Perform the installation by confirming the same
  11. Once the installation is completed, reboot the Android phone and the custom Rom is installed successfully on your phone

Now your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 has an upgraded JellyNoid custom Rom installed.

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