Here comes another attractive ultrabook from Dell with name Dell Latitude 6430u. The new ultrabook has great performance and is best for business purpose. It supports many connectivity options and also has long battery life with fast speed for booting and file transfer. The soft touch ultrabook is heavy to weight and also has dim quality of display. The pointing stick of the device is also not so comfortable but overall this ultrabook is a great device. Let us read the full review of Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabook here. You can also take a look at the quick specs and features of Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabook.

Dell Latitude 6430u is both for fun and business. It has sleek and stylish design with luxurious look. Supported by i5 processor the ultrabook will provide you high speed working. It has 128 GB of hard disk to store your data. Also it is accorded with good security features to keep the confidential data safe.

Design and Display

Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabook

The ultrabook has black soft touch finishing at the top with the dell logo in the middle. The bottom part of the device comes with silver finish. The black and silver contrast gives a luxurious look to the device. It has full size keyboard with some button on its top and touchpad at its bottom. The speakers are also on top of the keyboard. The dimension of the device is 13.3” x 9” x 0.82” which is quite thicker. Also it weighs around 4 pound which is also high for an ultrabook.

The corners of the ultrabook are curved to provide extra protection. The keyboard is spill resistant. Also it is dust proof and will maintain its dignity in extreme temperatures. The ultrabook also have shock proof nature.

The screen of the new ultrabook is anti reflecting and glare but has no touch feature. It has 14 inch of screen with 1366 x 768 pixel screen resolution. The color display quality is fine and HD videos will run smooth.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Dell Latitude 6430u Keyboard

The keyboard of the ultrabook is island styled that adds to its beauty. The keys are genuinely spaced and curved slightly. The curvy figure enables your finger to stay in touch with the key. You will feel great comfort using the keyboard. It also features back light.

The touchpad has 3.5 x 1.8 inch size. Easy to use and provide great comfort. Scrolling and rotating are smoother. High response can be seen here. At the bottom of the touchpad are the two mouse buttons.


For a businessman it is important to keep the data confidential. The ultrabook offers many features that will check tight security. One of them is the encryption of data. In this feature, all your important data will be locked in such a manner that only the person with correct key will be able to work on it. Also you can apply control access to important data.

It is also capable of monitoring the battery life, wiping out the drives and will provide you the system updates automatically. If this is not enough for you then you may like to add finger print reader in your piece by paying $7.50 extra.


Dell Latitude 6430u Connectivity

The connectivity features of Dell Latitude 6430u include Ethernet, two USB 3.0, SD card, secure lock, HDMI and SATA ports. It also has VGA support that less of the other ultrabooks offer. Headphone port is also there for better performance in video calls.


Dell Latitude 6430u

Dell Latitude 6430u will offer you high degree of performance. It has Intel core i5 processor clocked at 1.8 GHz frequency with 128 GB hard disk. Also 8 GB of RAM will boost the performance to a great extent. The booting time of the Windows 8 Pro ultrabook is only 10 seconds which is very low compared to other devices in its range.

The file transfer and searching rate of the device is also incomparable.

Other Features

Heat – The maximum temperature recorded while working on the device is of 93 degree Fahrenheit between the G-H keys, 72 degree on touchpad and 97 degree at the display bottom. Since the ultrabook heats up fast so this is a drawback for it.

Audio – The speakers of the ultrabook are mounted on the top of the keyboard. The loudest sound power is good but if you want to hear some soft music then it may be little harsh. While doing video calls, the sound is clear and flat.

Webcam – The webcam of the device is not so good but it will allow you to handle the video calls clearly. Colors will look wash out and visual noise will also interrupt.

Graphics – It has Intel HD 4000 graphics that every other ultrabook in its field has. It will play the HD videos and games greatly. The frame per second rate of the device is 36 only which is below average but better than other devices like HP EliteBook Folio 9470m and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch.

Battery – The battery life of this new ultrabook from Dell is around 7 hours and 7 minutes which is above average. Usually the battery life of Windows 8 devices is not good but this ultrabook has great battery life.


The price of Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabook is $1278. It is worth to buy device.

Wrap Up

Dell Latitude 6430u is a high performance device. You can use it both for fun and business. It has many connectivity options along with long battery life. 8 GB Ram and 1.8 GHz i5 processor is there to boost your speed. You will love to work on Windows 8 pro. The drawback of the device is its slight high weight and also it heats up little fast. Overall, the device is a must buy one.

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