Crack for the Pattern lock of Android

Here’s the good news for the smartphone users as now they need not to remember their password patterns to unlock their phones. As one of the developer on the XDA forum has found the simpler way to unlock the phone and without keeping remember any sort of pattern. This way of unlocking-locking of phone requires some coding of few lines in ADB and that working of code on the phone does not require the device to be rooted first but the’ USB Debugging’ mode should be enabled. Though the code is not that much secured as once somebody stole it, one can have easy access on your phone.

Crack Pattern Lock Android

One of the user form the XDA forum suggested that though the rooting of the phone is not necessary but if you do that, is more beneficial and if you have enabled the USB debugging then all you need to do is that enter the code in ADB which you will find in the link attached to ADB. And after doing all this stuff if you had unable to unlock the phone as the pattern you have set is forgotten by you.

This will definitely be fruitful for those who can’t remember their patterns and face problems in unlocking their phone regularly. But remember one thing with the this technique that is you are advised to follow if you need not remember pattern is that you need to be bit more careful towards you phone, as if your USB debugging is enabled, one will easily access your code then can have easy access on your all kinds of contents of phone.  So to be safe from that you need to be careful and disable the USB debugging as soon you finish with the work.

It’s actually a very wonderful thing that as like before you now need to be worry if you stuck with the locked phone. But as it’s said every good thing has a bad thing attached to it. The bad thing is that person need not to be a master in ADB to extract the security code of your phone. He is just need to have bit knowledge of ADB, and can easily hack the code and so as your phone. But the main cause for code’s leakage is the USB debugging, so you need to make sure that you disable it once you’re done with it. This will not make sure of protection of the phone and code but at least increase its chances to some extent.

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