Comparison among Google Keep, Evernote, Apple Notes, OneNote & Others

The venture of the big internet corporation Google into note taking services will make the competition more challenging among the current competitors. Although this service by Google called Google Keep is very basic at this time, but due to the big name and a few upcoming features, if would not be right if we don’t compare it with the current note taking services, especially Evernote, which is the oldest and really impressive note taking service out there. Similar other service providers include Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote etc, with each one having their own merits. Hence a comparison will give readers a chance to review their needs and choose the service wisely.

Google Keep

Google Keep Home Screen
Home Screen

A Google brand name is big, so Keep will have a good launch, but after that it is tough to predict if it will be a hit or not. The big advantage of Keep will be its integration with the Google Drive.  Google has a whole family of good services which can be synchronized with each other and Keep can be a very good addition to this system. Also it will be very user friendly to manage everything under the same service. In near future Google will most likely release an iOS app for this as well. Although its future seems bright, but it’s hard to predict if the currently used basic functionality of Keep will take it higher or not.


Evernote BlackBerry App

Evernote is one of the oldest names in this area of application. It has a big user base and lets you share notes very easily with others too, hence making it a great collaborative tool. Being one of the first of its kind, it is available across most of the major desktop and mobile platforms. It allows sharing of text, audio, images etc making its service rich for users. More over it has a very efficient OCR tool, which helps indexing the text and thereby making it searchable.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes
Apple Notes in iPad

This application for Note taking can be found on iOS devices and on Mac. It can be synched very well with the iCloud as well. Although it has been in use for some time now, but its inability to function on devices other than iOS devices is a hindrance.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote

This note taking service by Microsoft comes bundled along with MS Office and on Windows Phone devices too. One can also buy its license separately. Like Apple Notes, is has SkyDrive completely synched with it to keep a record of everything and make them available on the web interface. The users who have been using MS Words will find it easy to use since it has a few similarities with the Microsoft’s Word processor.



Exactly like the name says, it’s a simple note taking tool and incorporates basic functionalities necessary for the process. It does not support audio or photo notes. The service itself offers a web and iOS application but there are a lot of third party clients that have extended the use to other platforms like Windows, Linux and Android as well.


To be unbiased, Keep is just a butterfly out of its cocoon, but a lot can be expected from it.  With a big team and huge side support from Google Drive and its user base, Keep can compete reasonably with the rival services. If the functionality of Keep is improved in next few months, if can overtake some of the services like Simplenotes, but for over taking OneNote or Evernote, a lot of work needs to be done on their part. Hence as for now, Evernotes leads the race followed by OneNote.

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