Tips – How to buy a smartphone?

Buying a smartphone is always hard, there are lots of models nowadays and daily comes a new one. It is hard to find which is the one for you. Here I...
Print Friendly PDF

Chrome – How to make web pages print-friendly PDF

Sometimes you need to print a web page and covert it to pdf and there are so many things in it like ads, social media widgets, images etc that you don’t...
Moto G

Moto G – 10 tips that will make it better

Motorola Moto G is a budget friendly device with the best specs and features in it like quad core processor, HD screen and Android 4.3 OS. Here are some tips that...
Send Large Size Files

List of Top 10 Paid and Free Services to Send Large Size Files

If you are in a business then it is very common that you have to send large size files to your collegues. Nowadays, there are many services that provide you this...
Sites to visit when bored

List of Some Interesting Websites to Visit When Feeling Bored

Whenever I get bored after my 9-5 job and emails, Facebook, Twitter I surf the below given websites and they never disappoint me. Check these out in free time, feel free...

How to buffer full video and download any video in YouTube?

If you use YouTube then you may have seen that nowadays YouTube videos are not buffering completely. They buffer only for 5-10 seconds and then it buffers the next small segment....
Create Profile Firefox

How to create personal profiles in web browsers – IE, Chrome, Firefox

There is a very interesting feature in every browser these days. Many of us are unaware of this feature and do not use it regularly. Yes, the profiles feature in the...
Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync App Tool – Use PC’s Mouse and Keyboard with Phone

This article is for those people who likes to mess around with their smartphones and are always looking to try out something new and innovative with their phones. Samsung revealed a...
Lost mobile

Procedure to remotely disable your lost phone

Let us admit it, we all love our phones, but it’s not very difficult to part with them. Within a week we see ourselves buying a new phone and loving it...
Look good on video calls

How to look good on video calls

Not to worry about your appearance on webcam or video calls anymore!! Some hygienic tips which can actually give a powerful impression of yours during webcam talks whether it’s a personal...


Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G: Installing AOKP based Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Firmware

Good news for all the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G users. They can now update their smartphones with the latest AOKP based Jelly bean 4.1.1...