Facebook WhatsApp

How to Install Whatsapp on your Computer

Whatsapp is getting fame everyday. The audience is growing bigger and bigger. But wait do you spend more time on your computer or laptop then on your smartphone? If yes then...
Password Protected Google Form

How to make a password protected Google Form

If you have used Google Form then you may know that they are available publicly that is anyone can fill them if they know the URL of the form. If you...

How To Download Videos and Subtitles from YouTube

If we have to watch any video, we go to YouTube but what if we want to watch a video offline? What if you can download videos from YouTube and then...
Rainbow Folders

Windows – How to change color of your folders

We all create folders as per our need and name them accordingly, in Windows we can sort them by name, date, group or size but still there is nothing that we...
Windows on Mac

Tutorial to Install Windows on Mac (Using Boot Camp Assistant)

Apple MacBook Pro is the best Windows PC according to Forbes and many others. The hardware part of Mac is always great but its OS is something that sets off the...
Secure your data on Linux, Windows or Mac

How to secure your data on Linux, Windows or Mac

With technological advancement, data protection becomes a very strong parameter. You must also have faced situations wherein data leakage might have happened from your system. In order to ensure strong data...
Optimize Drives Windows 8

How to use Optimize Drives (Disk Defragment) to speed up Windows 8 PC

System performance slows down as time pass by. Disk fragmentation is no new feature to windows which is now commonly results in slow and poor performance of the computer. The reason...
Librarian for Win8

How to manage Windows 8 Libraries using Librarian 3.0

As we all know managing windows 8 features is not an easy task, many users seems to be upset sometimes when it comes manage your windows or it features your way....

Win Lock and Window hider – Free software to hide your important data

Security has become the prime concern of every individual. Whether you are working in office or home, it is never safe to leave your work open as you never know who...
Windows Explorer has stopped working

How to fix “Windows Explorer has stopped working” problem

You might be familiar with the message “Windows Explorer has stopped working”. This is a common message that shows itself time to time to Windows users. Windows explorer is a file...


Xiaomi Redmi 1S Occupying The Indian Market

Xiaomi earlier with its Mi3 smartphone stepped in the Indian electronic with a boom. It received such a grand welcome from consumers that some...