Starting a new tech business is tough. Everything seems hopeless when you’re struggling to get your first few clients. Or you may even feel that you’re a slave to the demands of the few clients that you have. It’s tough to know how to spend your money advertising, especially if you’ve been burned a couple of times. Growing your business is a tough proposition, but it’s definitely possible. Here are five tips to help you get on the right track!

1. Find Ways To Establish Your Expertise

Advertising is only able to do so much for your company. Reaching people isn’t enough, you have to find ways to get them to trust your company. Trust is an underrated factor that influences sales and online conversion rates. Finding ways to display your expertise is an excellent way to help people and build trust.

The knowledge you have about your industry and product is valuable. You’re going to find it hard to get consistent sales if your marketing plan isn’t heavy on content. Content is how you nurture people from being unsure about your product to being able to see how your company can help them in their own lives.

2. Try And Forecast The Market

Making predictions is tough, but it’s still worth your time to take a look ahead to the future of your industry. Forecasting the market can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Making an effort to analyze the market is especially important if your product has seasonal swings.

Analyzing the market helps you identify the up and down trends of your company. This will help you budget for slow times and plan promotions to capitalize on the busy season. A lot of company’s work with PR agencies to forecast the market and analyze their audience. This is one way to make the efficient use of your resources.

3. Take Advantage Of Consulting With A PR Agency

If you’re struggling to get your name out or feel that you’re stagnating, try consulting with a PR agency. PR agencies are excellent for business owners who aren’t interested in doing public relations themselves. It’s hard to force yourself to be a people person and the face of your brand when you rather speak with people one on one. A PR agency can help establish a system that generates more leads and sales.

4. Take The Time To Learn About Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of working with a PR agency is they help you learn about your audience. If you don’t know who to target, you’re going to waste a lot of your time and precious resources. Learning about your audience is key to focusing your efforts.

PR agencies have packages suitable for every level of business. Your company has nothing to lose by going in for a consultation to see how they can help you grow. PR agencies also have many newspapers, blog and other media contacts that can help give you that surge of new business that you’re looking for.

5. Remember It Takes Time To Develop Excellent Service

Great service doesn’t just come out of nowhere. It takes many hours of work and many failures to perfect a system that works for you and your customers. Providing excellent service is especially important if you’re just starting out with your first one or two clients.

Being patient with yourself as you navigate your business is essential. You’ll have both bad customers and situations where you could’ve done more to help the buyer. What’s important is to learn from these situations and use them to refine how you serve your customers. Patience is an important part of setting your business up for growth.


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