In the age of the Internet, every industry has gone through important changes. Energy, food, stock trading, newspapers. No sector is immune to the industrial evolution. Things change.

Has mining been any different? Nope. The mining sector has been through quite a lot over the years, too. With injury rates plaguing the industry, mining companies have invested a great deal in technology, automation, and staff training to reduce injuries, fatalities, and a wide array of other black eyes to the industry.

So, what else does the industry have in store for the rest of 2018 and in 2019? Let’s find out. Here are five underground mining technology trends to watch out for in 2018-2019:

1. Mining Drills Are Only Getting More Powerful

Have you seen the latest mining drills? They’re big, powerful, and effective. But you know what? They are only getting bigger, more powerful, and more effective with each passing year. As miners apply for new operations across the globe, manufacturers are spurring this level of growth with state-of-the-art drills.

Throughout 2018 and heading into 2019, mining drills will only get more powerful.

2. Technology Will Enhance Miner Safety

A major concern for so many years was the safety of underground miners. This is a dangerous job since it requires you to go deep underground, where the walls could cave in or some serious accident could occur.

Thanks to underground mining technology, miner safety has only gotten better. With more companies adopting even more technology (automation included; see below), you can expect injury and fatality rates to plummet this year and the next. It will be incredible to witness.

3. Automation Playing a Major Role?

It appears in every single industry, automation is playing a greater and more significant role. Although most people seem worried that automation will replace their jobs, the real trend is that automation will complement their jobs.

In other words, automation will serve as an aide rather than a replacement.

What does this mean for the mining industry? It’s simple: automation is going to make mining easier and more efficient, plus miner safety (see above) will only get better.

4. Mining Operations Are Getting Eco-Friendly

Years ago, mining operations produced a lot of pollution in the area. Moreover, workers who went into the mines could not breathe properly and they endured a lot of negative environmental effects. It was a harsh job.

Today, conditions have greatly improved for a myriad of reasons. Everything from mining professionals becoming more adept at managing operations to technologies making it easier to extract the commodities, many mining operations are going green, and they will be even more green in 2018 and 2019.

5. Underground Mining Technology Will Only Improve

Like the mining drills, underground mining technology will only become more advanced.

Industry observers regularly remark on how much the industry is investing in research and development, new equipment, and staff training to ensure the personnel knows how to utilize the mining technology.

Ultimately, it will only improve as the years go by. When you factor in automation, software, cloud computing, and mobile devices, you can see just how much the sector has transformed.

Underground mining is a tough business to be employed in, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in management or on the ground. It requires a plethora of skills, acumen, and dedication. As the industry continues to make gains pertaining to injury and fatality rates, they will rely more and more on technology to extract gold, silver, copper, and a wide range of other commodities from the ground. You can expect to experience major changes and trends in underground mining.


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