Driveway alarm systems have become tremendously popular as they are effective in contributing to the security of your property and preventing intrusion. Most driveway alarm systems are hardwired and involve burying wires underground.

With advances in technology, wired systems are quickly being replaced with wireless alarm systems. Wireless driveway alarm systems have many advantages that make them better than wired systems. Below are 4 benefits of going wireless for your driveway alarm system.

1. Easy installation & support

Unlike traditional alarm systems that require you to bury wires underground to install, wireless driveway alarm systems are much easier to install. You will only be required to connect the control panel to an outlet then place sensors at strategic points of your choice in order to detect visitors coming down your driveway. A wireless driveway alarm system does not take much time to install and the process can even be completed by homeowners with a limited amount of technical skill.

Another benefit of going wireless is that you will have faster support. Wired systems require a technician to conduct troubleshooting physically, meaning you will be required to pay for a house visit no matter what the issue turns out to be. With wireless systems however, you can troubleshoot your system from the support center. This way any issues can be identified quickly and you will be able to fix them with the support that you receive over the telephone.

2. Saves money

If you decide to go wireless for your driveway alarm system, you will save a significant amount of money. This is because installation is easy and you can definitely do it yourself as opposed to hiring a company to do it and charging you per hour.

Wireless driveway alarm systems are affordable since you will not have to spend a lot of money burying wires. Instead, wireless systems operate with the help of sensors. These do not need to be buried and enough of them are usually included, allowing you to avoid having to buy more.

There are also times when you will need to move the sensors from one position to another. This is quite common when a homeowner installs the system and determines that the location of a sensor is not effective in alerting them to the presence of a visitor. With wireless driveway alarm systems, you will be able to move your sensor easily, quickly, and without paying a professional company to do it.

3. Easy expansion & upgrade

With time, your security needs might change. For example, your system may have broken sensors, you may relocate, or you determine that your driveway alarm system is not meeting your needs or expectations. Whatever the reason is, you may one day need to alter your alarm system and when you need to, it will be easy to do.

Since the components of a wireless driveway alarm system are portable and adaptable, you can remove some parts and replace them with others. This is especially helpful if you have a broken sensor or just want an upgrade. Sensors are easy to add to your driveway system which is especially beneficial when you want to expand your range for extra security.

4. Interactive monitoringvia cell phone

A wireless driveway alarm system is an especially appealing option to homeowners because it can be connected directly to your cell phone. Whether your system has only alarm capabilities or video cameras, you can monitor everything that is going on using your cell phone. If your alarm system has video cameras, you will have access to live footage from these as well. This is beneficial as it can assist you in monitoring your property.

Wireless driveway alarm systems have a high range capability meaning you can easily check on all activities taking place at your home even when you are away. This way you are able to respond to incidents or at least alert authorities when you are unable to get home.


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