With the ability to reach out to so many potential clients through your real estate CRM, you may be thinking that this is going to be a breeze. It will certainly be easier than trying to keep track of every conversation that you have with your clients, but you will still need to nurture each lead and provide them with the listings and information that are suited to their budget and preferences.

The key is to ensure that all of your communication with these potential clients is pertinent and interesting without being invasive. Here are some of the best procedures that you should be using to take the leads that are in your CRM and make them into your next successful client.

1. Keep your database clean

Through your website and social media channels you will no doubt be adding new contacts to your database of leads daily. This is great provided that you have a process in place to identify and rank leads based on their intent to buy and their ability to meet a lenders requirements.

This can be done through a robust communication strategy that will filter out those contacts that do not conform to your requirements. Lead qualification is a very big part of managing a CRM and you should ensure that you are getting not only new contacts daily, but that a high percentage of these are actually the target that you want to be reaching.

2. Identify your leads

Now that you have decided to segment your leads based on several attributes that you deem important to their viability to become a client you will need to label them appropriately. This will make it easy to create the correct communication strategy for each segment of your audience. You should be thinking about labelling your leads along the lines of, “High-quality lead” and “Prospective future client” or whatever makes sense to you.

You should also think about how you can communicate to those who are only casually interested and create a segment here that will keep them in the loop about the latest listings within their price range.

3. Set up campaigns

If you are looking at the contacts that you have in your database and now you have identified a segment that is what you consider to be the hottest leads. Now is the time to create a communication strategy for those individuals.

There is no harm in still following up with manual emails once a lead becomes red hot, but you should also consider automating some communication to keep your leads engaged.

You can start with something light like a newsletter type of communication, then follow it up with links to blogs you have and even some hot new listings that are in their budget and desired location.

Once you have completed automating the communication for this segment of your contacts, move onto the next segment until you are confident that you are providing tailored massaging to every life cycle stage of home buyer you have in your real estate CRM database.

4. Monitor performance

You should keep an eye on the performance of your emails so that you can be always improving what works and discarding what doesn’t. The key metrics to look for here are open rates and click-through rates. The open rate of an email is largely affected by the audience that the email is being sent to and the subject line and preview text.

These can be adjusted until you are happy with the open rate. The number of clicks that each email gets is related to the content that you have within the email. You can play around with different layouts and colours to optimize this metric.


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