One way to increase sales and business is to provide your products online. Many people buy online, so if you are not doing this, you are losing a lot of potential sales. If you send out your products, they need to be packaged well. It does not matter whether you are shipping locally or across the globe; your packaging is going to make a difference.

When it comes to these direct sales, it is important to have quality product packaging. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that can be packaged and how to do it right. This can lead to repeat customers.

1. Show Who It’s From

Apart from making your packaging look nice, you want to show who you are. The person receiving it must know who this package is from. You can do this by using a sticker. It is also advisable not to reuse a box.

While it is a good thing to do so, because it saves in many ways, you do not want to send a customer a box that has been used. If finances are an issue, use a new box with a sticker that will clearly indicate who the sender is. If money is not a problem, you can use branded boxes, especially if you are selling expensive items, as the clientele may be a little more high-end.

2. Add A Card

Most companies or ecommerce sites would just add a packing slip in the package. But what if you went that extra bit? Imagine how recipients would feel if you added a thank you card. The card could also offer the customer a certain percentage off their next purchase if it is bought within a specific period of time.

A personalized thank you card can be powerful for them and for you. They would appreciate the gesture, plus they have the opportunity to get something else for a lesser price. As for your business, you would give yourself a better chance of selling again and getting a repeat customer. It’s like a win-win situation.

3. Use A Catalogue/Flyer

When a customer orders your product and you send it to them, don’t just send them what they ordered. Place a catalogue or a flyer in there. They will definitely look at it and possibly spend again. Again, depending on the success of your ecommerce business, you can either place a flyer with the best offers, or, if money is not too tight, then you can spend on making a colourful, attractive catalogue that will showcase many of the items you have. Make sure to use a professional to help make the catalogue.

4. Samples

People love free stuff! If you can afford to do this, place a sample of something into your package. Just make sure that the sample you send does not cost more than what they purchased! It could be something that complements what they purchased.

Remember, your packaging and the promotional elements you use in the packaging is a very powerful tool. Perhaps it will cost a little, but it does not have to cost a fortune. It’s all part of your marketing and you will reap the rewards and achieve your goals.


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