5 Best and Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 has become the favorite Android smartphone for many. The phone not only has extreme processing power but also has the looks to die for. Sleek design, light weight and smart! Now the Galaxy S4 users are trying to get more from their phones. People wish to enhance the qualities and looks of the phone and the Galaxy S4 fulfill this wish by providing a wide range of accessories which can not only improve its battery but also improve its looks. We have reviewed a number of accessories and came with these 5 accessories mentioned below which can be classified as a “must buy” for every Galaxy S4 user.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
  • Extra 2600mAh Battery
    No matter how powerful battery you fit into an Android smartphone, it will always face battery issues in the long run. The best way to solve this problem is to carry an extra battery for your Galaxy S4. Whenever your phone is low on battery, just switch it with the auxiliary one. The battery costs only $37.99 and is an original Samsung Product. The product code for the same is Samsung EB-B600BEBECWW. Do make sure that the battery has the same mAh as the original one before purchasing.
  • Galaxy S4 S-view premium cover
    The Galaxy S4 can be customized with a number of cover cases but if you are looking for something which will give your phone a premium luxury look, then S-view premium cover case is the accessory you are looking for. The case has a elegant texture which gives it a rich feel. The best feature of this case is that it has a display at the back which displays the date, time and notifications by syncing with the phone.
  • SRS-BTX500 Premium Bluetooth Wireless speaker from Sony
    If you love music then this is a must-buy! The Sony SRS-BTX500 Premium Bluetooth speakers have got both the sound quality and looks to match with your phone. Just connect the phone with the speakers via Bluetooth or NFC and play your favourite music. These speakers have inbuilt rechargeable battery which can keep it playing for 6 hours and can be charged with any USB charger. These speakers cost only $270.
  • RND Dock
    Docks are really useful when you wish to charge your phone and play music on speakers at the same time. The RND Dock not only charges your Galaxy S4 but also has inbuilt speakers and earphone jack. The dock can also sync with any computer and play the songs in the dock mode. A really useful accessory for your Galaxy S4.
  • Gaming controller
    Galaxy S4 has millions of games available in the Play Store and if you are  a gamer, then you must get your very own gaming controller for your phone. The game controller from GameKlip is our favourite controller. GameKlip also allows you to connect your Play Station DualShock 3 controller to your Galaxy S4 with the supplied cable. There is an app from Sixaxis which will allow you to customize the controller for the game.

These are only few of the accessories we chose for the Samsung Galaxy S4. There are a lot more accessories available in the market which will convert your S4 into something more than a smartphone. If you know any more interesting accessory then feel free to share them with us through your comments.

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