Asus X201E Subnotebook Quick Review – Specs, Features and Price

Review of: Asus X201E
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350 Euro

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On February 1, 2013
Last modified:February 1, 2013


This subnotebook serves best for student purpose fulfilling all their needs.

With the growing competition of notebooks, laptop etc. in the electronics market, Asus introduces a thin and sleek design subnotebook which is affordable as well, as not many would invest more than 500 Euros in it. It is a 11.6-inch wide subnotebook which is a simpler version of “Vivobook S200E” made up of a very reformed Plastic, making it weigh light (1.31Kgs), though X201E has a matte and textured lid making it scratch-proof.

The Asus X201E subnotebook doesn’t show any problem of rigidity with its folding lid though it’s not as smooth as some ultrabooks .The ports selection done uniformly in the model makes it a very compact unit.


  • Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter supporting 802.11 standards b/g/n signal strength
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Keys – 15*13.3 mm Large
  • Touchpad – 4.13*2.36 inches big
  • Display – LED Backlit 11.6-inch with a screen resolution ( 1366*768 pixels)
  • Brightness – 228 cd/m²
  • Processor – Intel Core i3-3217U( equipped with Intel Celeron 847)
  • Memory – 2 and 4 GB DDR3 RAM and expandable upto 320 GB (ROM)
  • CPU – Dual Core with a maximum clock speed 1.1 Ghz
  • Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 2000
Asus X201E Subnotebook
Asus X201E Subnotebook


  • GAMING EXPERINECE: Gaming in X201E in not that good as it does not have a very high clock speed so it may cause problem while playing games like FIFA 13 though this can also be fixed but user has to use a lag.
  • EMISSION: when this model was tested, then it did not show any interrupting noise during test merely a little fan noise comes which is not a problem for user while performing any work.
  • HEAT LEVEL: X201E can withstand upto 35 degree Celsius, it gets warm very less even when it is at its maximum use so user don’t need to get worry about it’s heating problem.
  • SPEAKERS: this device has 2 speakers which are embedded infront of the device giving maximum volume without any distortion which is sufficient for an area ranging ( upto 24 square yards) just it do not have any inbuilt bass but user obviously can prefer external source to boost up bass.

Warranty, Battery Life, Price

Asus gives the warranty of 1 year Pick-Up and return services, which user if want can get the warranty expandable upto 2 years for ( in 50 Euro) or 3years ( 89 Euro).
Battery of this model can run almost upto 4 hours while running the device on WLAN. The price of the device is almost 350 Euro.

Conclusion: This subnotebook serves best for student purpose fulfilling all their needs.
Pros: Slim and compact design, easy to boot, smooth typing experience.
Cons: Short battery Life, Excess charging time, Poor Vertical Display.

This subnotebook serves best for student purpose fulfilling all their needs.
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