After Archos 97 Carbon, the company launches an all new tablet named as Archos 97 Xenon. The tablet is accorded with great specs and features, let us reveal them out.


  • Display: 9.7” capacitive IPS touchscreen
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768px.
  • Screen Aspect Ratio: 4:3.
  • Operating System: Android ICS
  • Processor: Single core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz frequency.
  • Camera: 2MP rear camera and a front VGA camera.
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory. Also supports SD card.
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer.
  • Weight: 650 g.
  • Dimensions: 11.5 mm thick.
Archos 97 Xenon Tablet
Archos 97 Xenon Tablet


Apart from above mentioned Archos 97 Xenon specs, the features of the tablets are also great. It is accorded with 3.5 mm jack and many more. The tablet is made with a mind set for use in persons with basic need.

1.4 GHz single core processor in aid with Android ICS will provide enough speed for working with the tablet. The display of the device is large making it capable to be used for gaming. Also for entertainment purpose the tablet is accorded with two cameras, one is primary with 2 MP capable of taking good shots while other is a front VGA camera. The secondary camera will support good quality video calls.

Archos 97 Xenon tablet is good for both business and entertainment. You can use it for gaming and photography while on the other hand, it has capabilities to serve business people. It is a device made for all or says it is a multipurpose device.


There is no news about the price of Archos 97 Xenon till date. Also the tablet will be available only for Europe and US users. The date of release of the tablet is also unknown.

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