Android ICS 4.0 update for Sony Tablets S & P in end of May

Here is good news for all Android users, many Japanese electronics company have assured to adopt 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich update for Android tablets till last week of May. It also includes S & P Tablets from all the regions. Also, tablet S is assumed to be updated before the end of month, as confirmed by Sony Electronics.

Sony Tablets S & P

The final drop date for all firmware has been announced to be 24th May, according to Sony Japan. Also, owners of Sony tablet S & P will be able to pull down the updates from the Sony servers in Japan. Basically, this would be applicable from all the different owners from various other countries or else, the rest of the countries have to wait for the owners of Sony tablet to update their devices. Though the company was unable to explain its delay in rolling out of the updates, but it must be on the peak of all the updates of Androids, according to company.

If we recall from the past information, the owners of tablet S in US are enjoying update of Android 4.0 ICS which has been rolled out since April, besides this, the owners from various other countries UK, Europe, Japan have only accessed Android 3.2.1 for tablet S & P. Also, various different manufactures like Samsung and HTC have their devices get updated in their countries, but Sony is quiet different in the matter. Base on the previous knowledge, US always first tastes of what the country needs to offer, long leaving back the rest of the countries wonder on when and why did everyone waits except US.

Also, the main reason behind the sales of European Sony go down can be their annoyance, as we know; Sony has a great following in the countries like Europe and UK. As, many of the Europeans have a deep belief in products of Sony, so just hanging them in terms of the updates of product might result in loss of the reputation it build since years, which is the case with Samsung Galaxy S3. The manufacturers from Korea enjoys each of the day from the day when flagship was launched officially. Generally, people who pre-ordered figures are from the countries like Europe and UK.

Though, it hasn’t been for the first time for Sony that they failed to deliver a better service to the global market (except for US), and the people have disbelieving, but the question here is, could it expect the same warm greetings when it launches its new products?? I don’t think so. But I accept that, its good news for all the owners that the Android device is getting updated. Also, it could have been improved if done while the last month.

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