Android Google Maps is Updated with Live Traffic and Voice Navigation in India

Google finally blessed Indian Android Google Maps users with two of its latest features that are Live Traffic report and Voice Navigation. The voice navigation feature is already available for Nokia and Windows smartphone users and now Android users will also enjoy it.

Android Google Maps Feature: Live Traffic

Live Traffic feature of Android Google Maps will give you the information about the present traffic. The feature will show three types of routes on the map, one with green color indicating that there is almost no traffic and you may follow that if you want to enjoy a traffic free journey, the yellow color route will indicate that there is traffic but is moving and the red color route will show that the lanes are full of traffic and if you get stuck in that, it will consume lot of your time to get out of there. The live traffic updates will also be available on internet also so you can watch the updates for a defined frame of time or a day there. The bad news with this Android Google Maps feature is that initially it will be available only in particular cities like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Android Google Maps Feature: Voice Navigation

Now use the Android Google Maps voice navigation feature for better clarity while driving. It is easy to drive when someone is giving you turn by turn navigation and you just have to follow them for a better journey. You will be provided with a button for turning on the voice navigation, in case you don’t need it, you may also turn it off. Enter your destination and the feature will navigate you to there so that you can enjoy an easy and safe journey.

These two amazing Android Google Maps features will make your life or say journey very easy. Try them and enjoy.

Aayushi Jain

Aayushi is the senior tech news reporter of Techno Stall. Most of the time, you'll find her searching for the latest and hottest gadgets. She's a computer science graduate, currently working for TCS, kind of a geeky girl. Follow her on Google+.

    1. Currently it’s available only on android devices. We’ll inform you when it becomes available for blackberry users, just subscribe to the website so that we can inform you :)

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