BBM for Android is now available, Download the APK file

Blackberry has finally made it official- The launch of Blackberry Messenger or BBM App for Android users. A bold step taken by Blackberry as the evaluation reveals a large chunk of Android users which are growing exponentially across the world and Blackberry would also aim to tap this market.

Now Android users can connect with their friends on BBM. The Blackberry Messenger poses a serious threat to existing chat messenger players such as WatsApp, Hike, Line or Wechat app. This step ideally proves Blackberry evaluation which reveals a growing shift if users from Blackberry to Android. When BBM was launched in the market as a messenger app in Blackberry, it became a rage among various Blackberry users and also created an alternate form of messaging and user interactions and above all the BBM was absolutely free. But, as time advanced, iphone and Android became stiff competitors of Blackberry and went ahead of Blackberry to capture the smartphone market with a storm.

BlackBerry Android BBM
BlackBerry Android BBM

Blackberry hopes to bring back those users onto BBM which have migrated from their Blackberry BBM to other Messenger Apps on Android phones and also aim to make new acquisition on its App though migration of users on other apps onto BBM. The BBM App for Android is available for download on Google Play Store. By the time the official BBM App for Android phones is launched in Google Play Store, many fake apps of the same name and shape have already entered the Google Play store and has led to user’s disappointment.

In order to download the official Android BBM app, the user should download the APK file and install the same on his mobile by connecting the mobile to the desktop through a connecting cable. Once the connection is established between the desktop on which APK is installed and the mobile, the user can actually can easily locate the file path with the help of file explorer to install the BBM App for Android on their smartphones. Blackberry will also be launching the BBM App for iphone as well along with the launch of BBM app for Android thereby making an entry into the popular smartphones market with its messenger route.

Blackberry has already created hype around Android BBM with Digital marketing tools such as Facebook Account and Blogs thereby generating a curiosity amongst Android and iphone users to catch hold of BBM App for Android and iphone respectively. It will be interesting to watch the performance of BBM on Android as well as iphone and will it prove to be a threat to other existing popular messengers.

Update: BlackBerry has just announced that the app launch is delayed, meanwhile you can get the leaked version of BBM for Android.

Update 2: BlackBerry has launched BBM app for Android and iOS.

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