Acer ICONIC W510 Laptop Quick Review – Specs, Features and Price

Hybrid laptop:
48,000 INR

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On February 6, 2013
Last modified:February 6, 2013


Designed with keeping every keen aspect in mind, yet there still could have been up-gradations in terms of the ports and the memory. Worth buy..!!

Over the rolling times, a room with a super computer, followed by a desktop computer, eventually the laptop, queued by the tablet pcs, and now an all new term, The Hybrid laptop/tablet which is the talk of the techno town, comes an innovation from Acer, ICONIC W510. A hybrid laptop, that commutes as a tablet to its best ability with its relatively small 10” 1366×768 touch screen gorilla display. For a complete in hand computing, with a weight of 0.6kg, too less for an average tablet when compared to other Windows 8 Hybrids while the dock weighs 0.7kg. With a battery backup of 18 hrs, ICONIC W510 is all set to be a hit for an ultra-portable experience.

Acer ICONIC W510              Acer ICONIC W510



Heard of a monitor consisting of the CPU? Well, might sound a bit creepy though, but ICONIC has all of its major hardware right into its tablet, while the keyboard is just an option with an additional battery of 9 long hours. In return, when mounted on the dock, the tablet part looks heavier. Also built on with plastic, and decently assembled with a matte finish, rounded edges, and in all a solid hold, gives the gadget a very classy and decent look. When attached to the dock, the device can perform literal yoga, by getting opened up to 270 degrees, and can be twisted to its maximum angles. The keyboard is not up to the mark, as it is a little blunt, and the touchpad buttons seem quite stiff. As mentioned, the 10” tablet has IPS panel with a 5 point capacitive touchscreen. 8 MP camera with LED flash at rear side and a 2 MP front camera is what the device almost stands out for. Also the tablet is engraved with a SIM card slot, microSD , micro-USB and HDMI ports, audio jack along with a full-size 2.0 port.

Acer ICONIC W510 Back Side       Acer ICONIC W510 side view

Build-up and Performance

Embedded with Intel Dual core 1.8GHz Atom processor with successfully running Windows 8 os, 2 GB of RAM, 32/64 SSD; makes it a power package moving on with a backup of 18 hours with single charging. While the tablet has a battery backup of 9 hours, connecting it to the dock gives an extended battery of 9 hours. ICONIC has  Bluetooth, Wifi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n,  When looked at with concern, Acer could still have done a better job by further more work on its display, as the brightness is not of the satisfactory level which makes it quite tough for an outdoor usage, while the touch is still great. It has not got the cooling fans.

Acer ICONIC W510 Close Lid


Despite few of the drawbacks, the device still has specifications worth the amount one is putting in. Though the processor could still have been enhanced and so does the memory space, making it less compatible with people who seek a worthwhile computing, as that involves much usage of heavy software, occupying half the disk space. Neatly worked upon, with a class that’s apart, ICONIC W510 is among the cheapest device ranging from 48,000 INR , and so of course is worth buy.

Designed with keeping every keen aspect in mind, yet there still could have been up-gradations in terms of the ports and the memory. Worth buy..!!
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