Acer C7 Chromebook Review: Specs, Features and Price

Chromebooks operates on Chrome operating system by Google. These ultrabooks are mainly developed to be used only with an internet connection. They do not have traditional laptop’s features and so they work faster without any headache of viruses or malwares. People mostly use laptops to stay connected to internet and Chromebook are exactly working on the same. After two Chromebook laptops from Samsung, now it’s Acer with another model with name Acer C7 Chromebook. It’s a low price Chromebook with high features but with low battery life. It has got Intel Celeron 847 1.1GHz dual core processor with 2GB RAM providing the required processing speed. The processors of Samsung’s Chromebook are much superior but Acer has kept the price very low.

Acer C7 Chromebook has 11.6” HD display with screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels but the quality of display is not that good which you might expect in an Acer’s laptop. The battery life is really poor as laptop is live only for 5 hours (max) once fully charged.

Moreover, it has got 320GB HDD and 100GB of cloud storage which adds good feature to it. It has three USB ports, two in one memory card reader, HDMI port, Ethernet port, VGA port and a combo port of headphone and mic. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n to be connected with the internet while in a Wi-Fi network.



  • Intel Celeron 847 1.1GHz dual core processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 320GB HDD
  • 11.6” Display
  • 1366×768 pixels resolution
  • Chrome Operating System
  • USB ports
  • 2 in 1 memory card reader
  • Wi-Fi
  • HDMI port
  • Ethernet port
  • VGA port
  • 100GB Cloud Storage


It has 11.6” LED backlit display with screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels but the brightness of the display is the main reason of poor battery life. It has speakers at the bottom in front but the audio level is not yet impressive. The number and types of ports are all like other laptops.

It has new version of the Chrome operating system which looks like desktop now. There is one menu bar at bottom which provides quick links to apps and functions like Clock, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You need to stay connected to the internet to play on with all of its features. Chrome has many offline app but they don’t work well while you are offline.

The best feature with C7 Chromebook is that it comes with 100GB of cloud storage provided by Google Drive. It also has 320GB HDD to let you save your personal stuff. It has traditional keyboard with touch pad and it is same as of any other laptop.

C7 Chromebook weighs about 3 pounds and it is 11.2” long, 8.0” wide and just 1.1” thick.


Acer has kept the price low and you need to pay just $199 to grab your C7 Chromebook but it’s not a good one than of Samsung’s Chromebook models.

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