Looking for an ultimate portable Ultrabook with much more exciting features? Well we all know there are plenty of gadgets available in the market, customers remain in dilemma  half the times.  The all  New  “ACER ASPIRE M3”.This is the first time in Indian Gadget Market that an ultra-book with touch-screen is introduced. M3 is idle for Executive-class people.

Specialty:  “Amazing touch-screen Experience, Excellent Battery-Life, Beautiful Wide-screen, Portable weighing  2.25 kgs”

Acer Aspire M3 Touch


  • OS– Windows 8 (Pre-Installed).
  • Screen size– 15.6 inches with a scren resolution (1366*768).
  • Graphics– NVIDIA (GeForce) GT640M.
  • Processor- 1.4GHz Intel Core i3-2367M (2GB).
  • Clock Speed –1.4 Ghz
  • HDMI, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0.
  • Chipset for Wireless LAN-  Gigabit Ethernet.

Display: M3 has a very smooth screen-touch and no lag can be recognized. But, as the screen resolution seems to be quite less as compared to the screen size and the user may also face some problem of  reflections because of shinny screen surface and improper view at different angels as the screen Has TN Panel.

Audio: M3 is embedded with  Dolby Home Theater V4 sound, when the model was tested then the conclusion came out of it that M3 produces a very high sound it has in-built Bass that sometimes creates a problem while watching movies yet the problem do not seem to very big because the problem is not same while using head-phones And M3 Provides a very exciting Gaming Experience.

Memory: M3 has an internal memory(RAM) of 4GB which is expandable upto 6GB, pretty option though. To make the storage point more strong a 500 GB 5400 RPM SATA that takes care of RAM.

Performance: Coming on to performance: M3 uses i3 processor which may not be the best one around in the market, but when it is combined with windows 8 works best and results out to be good while multi-tasks, the ultra-book has a Decent Space for a keyboard, touchpad and enough space for palm rest. The M3 Performance Has no issues infact it covers up the cons Present.

Boot Option just takes 17 seconds quite fast as compared to others.

Battery Life: Gadget without an ample battery backup  is just like ” A Body Without A Soul”. And since it has an i3 processor which consumes more of the power, and is claimed as a battery sucker, the 7 hour long battery just gets hand in hand with the unit, complimenting all the features, it is designed to satisfy.

Cost: M3 will provide the user all the upgraded features with brilliant navigation at just INR 63,000.